MJ Tech Women Announces 1st Cohort of Tech Fellows

MJ Tech Women is a global fellowship program that aims to encourage women working in the technology sector. Recently in an attempt to bring the women in tech forward and enhance their careers in the tech world, they have invited a talented group of tech women entrepreneurs to participate in a series of events happening from 10th May, 2018 to 25th May, 2018 in California, USA.

In this global fellowship program women working in the technology sector will be encouraged to take part. These entrepreneurs will be enabled to learn and replicate best international practices in their home countries.

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The first cohort of the MJ Tech Women fellowship program has been selected and those include:

  • Amina Pasha, Cofounder Jugaar Adda;
  • Sadaf Ahmed, Founder & CEO Robotics Club;
  • Komal, Founder and CEO Asaan Taleem;
  • Fariha Anwar, Program Manager Impact Network;
  • Tayeba Tariq, Co-founder Herstellar;
  • Wafa Tahir, Co-founder Funparay;
  • Lalah Rukh, CEO & Cofounder Science Fuse
  • Kokab Khalid, CEO Illumien; and
  • Amna Hassan, Product Designer Lee. S

Congratulations to all the MJ Tech Women Fellows!