DEMO Pakistan: A Look Into MITEF Pakistan’s Startup School

Startups in Pakistan are gaining momentum day by day; starting one’s own business certainly has its perks, as finding jobs after graduation is no easy feat, especially with big companies downsizing after the collapse of Wall Street and the European economic recession.

However, where startup means freedom to fight back and stay determined in the face of obstacles, running a startup is no easy task.  A successful startup means that the entrepreneur has to work hard day in and out to ensure that his business idea turns into a profit making company. Failure to do so means that the startup cannot sustain in the competitive market in the long run, proven by studies which estimate that 60 percent new business ventures are able to survive in the first year but hardly 10 percent are able to sustain in the next ten years.

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Therefore, MITEF Pakistan has announced the Startup School, an in-person series of modules, which would equip startups with resources and tools to better complement their startup needs. The school is to encourage and inspire individuals to start their own startup. Through a blend of online and offline learning best suited to Pakistan-based startups, it will equip startups with the necessary tools to help them become better entrepreneurs.

Interested people can fill out the form here to get more details on the event.