Major leaks reveal the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It looks like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cover up all the scars from the past experience because everyone knows that 2016 was not a good year for Samsung as its Note 7 left no stone unturned to disrupt the edifice reputation of the company. Battery explosion was a sporadic issue coming after one by one causing the discontinuity of the phone in the market.
But now we can assume that new phone will be the most powerful and advanced in its structure and functioning.
Here are three new leaks that broke down on the internet lately:
Dual Camera; no Fingerprint scanner:
Yes, you heard it right! there would be no disorganized fingerprint scanner alongside the vertical dual camera on the rear of Note 8 instead it seems to be located down the OLED screen on its bezels according to a Chinese site (via Slashleaks).
While the previous reveals suggest that new phone won’t have an on-screen fingerprint scanner.
The fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S8 and S8 plus have incorporated much criticism due to its placement near the dual camera. Whereas iPhone 8 has also been rumored to use almost the same structure of rear dual cameras and a fingerprint scanner at the bottom of its OLED screen with not bezels.
Tinnier Bezels:
The latest Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus are basically the spires to introduce the modern trend of smaller bezels so far in 2017.
Galaxy Note 8’s new leaks reveal that the flagship will be carrying minor and even smaller bezels. As per a new leaked photo on Weibo, the top bezel of the upcoming phone is only 6.7mm (0.26-inches) thick which is even slimmer than S8 Plus that is 7mm.
Moreover, Galaxy Note 8 is presumed to have a much greater body to screen ratio i.e., 6.4-inches. We can imagine a bit who can be the winner in the coming battles of flagship releases.
Recently we came to know about the reveals reported by News Naver (via SamMobile) in which a Samsung Electronics officers depicted that there would be no inscribed on screen fingerprint scanner due to technical limitations. It indicates that the phone will have tiny bezels and not a straight screen.
The Front Panel:
A video leaked by Slashleaks suggests that the front panel of the phone is structured just according to the images present on Weibo. Also, the built-in structure of the front panel resembles the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. We can assume that the Samsung is making sure to give you a view of a cinema screen in your hands.
Nevertheless, the phone has not been launched but it can be foreseen that the company is truly making sure to recover the damages caused by the Note 7 in their notoriety.
Well, iPhone 8 may get a tough time this year on its 10th anniversary cause Note 8 seems to be a monster with its modern tech features.