Madera Outsourcing Releases Report on Investors in Pakistan


Madera Outsourcing has recently published a report under the consultancy of multiple venture capitalists who have invested/or are looking to invest in Pakistan. According to the report, by the end of 2019, startups in Pakistan will have access to more than Rs. 13 billion ($100 million) in capital.

Mustafa Najoom Founder Madera Outsourcing states that,

“Pakistan is entering into a new wave of startup investing. Startup founders don’t have to worry about the lack of capital available in the local market. Their focus should be only growth, growth, and growth”.

The report also talks about the problems startups and investor face in Pakistan and how they directly impact the Rs. 13 billion which will be available for local startups. The report acknowledges that for the investors, the regulatory environment needs to be made more conducive and that cannot happen without the support of the government and the State Bank of Pakistan.

Regarding startups, the report also talks about the need for Startups to be innovative when it comes to solving social problems, building a track record of action and have a solid growth plan to catch the eyes of VCs.

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According to a local blog, Fouad Bajwa, a VC advisor and the co-author of the report said that

“This is the best time to be creative, find local solutions to our social and economic adversities, be innovative and employ emerging 4th industrial revolution technology and strategies. We are booked for growth!”

Regarding deal flows for venture capital funding in Pakistan, the report states it is the first time that they have been made public. Fouad also stated that,

“startups were either overvaluing themselves or living in silos with regards to the available deal flow climate.”

The report also emphasizes that there is a need for corporate accelerators which are independent of universities and the government.