⁠⁠⁠PcWorld Cool Tools: You Have OCD, You Have Phone OCD – No Worries Anymore!

For those of you who run to the washroom at least five times a day because you have germophobia, here’s an interesting tech. A washable phone. Yes, a washable phone! The world’s first so far. And comes from the innovation country king of yore: Japan who gave us the Sony Walkman, VCR’s and so much more.

Kyocera, a Japanese smartphone outfit has come up with a new phone known as “Rafre” that can be cleaned with soap and hot water. The phone is a successor to an earlier handset that worked only with certain types of hand soap.

The washable phone can be used with a range of soaps, including foaming body wash and hand soap. Check out the video here. And get your suds ready!

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Image source: Kyocera