Government-Backed Innovation Lab to Open Doors in Peshawar: KPITBs Durshal (Gateway)

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB) in order to encourage the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the province, improve the government, and create jobs has announced a series of initiatives.

Announcing about their newly constructed ‘Durshal: Government Innovation Lab’, Durshal means gateway in Pashto and will serve as a network of technology centers across the province. The lab is to soon open in Deans Center, Cantt, Peshawar, where KP Government ministries, local governments and agencies will be able to access innovative technology solutions to their governance and service delivery problems.

Dr. Shahbaz Khan Managing Director KPITB also shared the details of the Digital Youth Summit (DYS) that is to be held in May 2017at Peshawar. This time around over 20 international experts are expected to speak on issues of employment opportunities in the digital economy, tech entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Speaking at the conference he said,

“We are focused on improving employment opportunities for youth in several areas and providing them the support they need. Our vision is to move towards a knowledge-based economy and developing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation using technology.”

KPITB is in the process of developing a ‘Digital KP’ strategy that is to strenthen and anchor the province’s digital transformation. The World Bank will be assisting in incorporating consultations with academia, government departments, the private sector and civil society groups. The strategy will be built on programs already in place, including IT Parks, the Youth Employment Program which trains digital freelancers, and support to IT manufacturing.

“The World Bank has been supporting the KP government on youth and ICT activities for the last two years and I have seen the talent that young people have firsthand and their potential to quickly join the global digital economy. We are so excited for the Digital Youth Summit 2017,”  said Social Development Specialist at World Bank Anna ‘O Donnell, Senior.

Source: Daily Times
Image source: Saad Hamid