The Kaleidoscopic Era of Photo-Shopping: Top Editing Apps

Welcome to the world of the fashion media where the concepts of tall, sleek women, always covered in perfectly applied make-up and dressed to the nines is ideal for beauty. Ever dreamed of looking something akin to one of your favorite onscreen divas? You need to dream no more. Technology plays a vital role in how people appear onscreen. And there are now applications aplenty for you to use so you can get yourself that perfect look in pictures and any impromptu videos that you make.

There are about 13 different versions of the well-known editing software popular amongst us called Adobe Photoshop alongside others like ACDSee Photo Editor, Pixlr Editor Etc. Other than that, there are countless applications for Android and Mac gadgets including BeFunky photo editor, Photoshop Touch for phone, PicSay, SnapSeed, iPhoto, etc. With the help of these and many other applications, you can make all the changes and enhance the contents of the picture. For instance, changing the background, making your face structure look chiseled, applying makeup, stitching the original picture with another snap and change your outfit, etc.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the trendsetter app here. It is basically a raster graphics editor developed for Windows and OS X. Since then, it has become the basic tool of every editing professional. It can edit and compose images in multiple layers and supports masks, alpha compositing and several color models including RGB, CMYK, Lab color space, spot color and duotone. Photoshop’s feature set can be expanded by Photoshop plug-ins, programs developed and distributed independently by Photoshop. ‘Making dreams visible’ is the product’s literal promise.


ACDSee is a somewhat a similar easy to use, photo organizing software with a wide range of organizing options including searching, editing, importing and sharing. This product has batch processing to make sorting faster. Once organized, create slide shows, screen savers, and online photo galleries. ACDSee includes 30 preset edits and filters so images can be perfected before they are stored and published.


Pixlr Editing Program joins the list since it combines image design and paint tools with photo editing and adjustment features more convincingly than any other online image editing program. Pixlr, despite its deep feature set, remains facile, intuitive and, most importantly, user friendly.

Not to be left behind, Android and Mac gadgets have introduced versions of some of these image editing programs too.


BeFunky started life as an online photo editing application, but its makers have now created a dedicated Android app. The app allows its users to edit and create a variety of different styles from fixes and sizes. Using the basics of the flash-based tool you can increase the coloration, sharpen the image, crop out the specifics, and resize, and much more. Texture overlays can give your image added life for artistic expression.

Photoshop Touch for Phones

This application is not as powerful as the desktop version, but you can do basic Photoshop things like filters, color correction, mild adjustments and mixing the layers. There are some cool features like camera fill and compatibility with desktop Photoshop using the Adobe Creative Cloud.


With PicSay you can dive into a seemingly endless array of fun and serious editing options available. The app offers the most extensive list of effects one could imagine for a $4 application. Effects are the best part of photo editing, where your imagination can go wild, it’s like having your own little ‘pocket Photoshop’.


When Apple chooses the best app of the year out of thousands of apps, you know you’ve got a winner. SnapSeed bagged the title of best iPad app of 2011, does the best job of combining powerful editing and enhancing capabilities with a clear, usable interface. SnapSeed is more of a complete package, and the best choice for iPhonographers.


One difference between iPhoto and other capture and editing apps is that iPhoto sources images from the photos app, which includes your Camera Roll of recently taken images, as well as all photos, albums and events that are synced with iPhoto on device.

Sharing options include the ability to create a journal which can be uploaded on iCloud and shared with friends.

These applications allow you to revamp your images into something exquisite with just a few taps on your cell phone screen, may it be your selfies or an ocean panorama. They are easy, user friendly and can add life to any photo. Happy Editing!


Source: CIO Pakistan, Article 12 great photo-editing apps by Rabiya Sulaiman
Image: Unsplash