Jazz Smart School Program – Targeting 75 Schools In Islamabad

With a significant youth bulge, Pakistan stands at a critical juncture and if efforts are not made to improve access to quality education, the country will lag further behind on all human development indicators. Especially at a time when global economy shifts pace and advancements in bio-medicine, robotics, A.I. and space exploration propel nations to new horizons. Jazz Smart School Program will Launch in 75 schools in the Federal Capital.

Understanding this need and in support of the Government’s Vision 2025, Jazz Foundation in partnership with Capital Administration and Development Division and Federal Directorate of Education has initiated its ‘Jazz Smart School’ program at 75 schools in the Federal Capital.

Under this program, Jazz Foundation is introducing a smart learning solution to the traditional schooling system through a digital learning platform. Developed with support from Singapore based learning solutions company – Knowledge Platform – the program’s educational content includes digital textbooks, videos, practice material, interactive games, assessment and classroom activities.
In order to enhance teaching skills, the program offers training videos, a customized teacher training program and support of an online community. While an in-built monitoring tool increases accountability as parents and relevant stakeholders can monitor progress of schools, teachers and students on a daily basis through mobile applications.
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Jazz held an event in Islamabad today to showcase how the ‘Jazz Smart School’ program utilizes the widespread availability of smartphones, desk-based devices and mobile broadband to enable a conducive environment for learning with the right partnerships. With community support, Jazz will be able to ensure a wider audience and a host of stakeholders appreciate the importance of this program, so it can be replicated at all levels nationwide.