Jazz Becomes First Telecom Operator To Provide Automated Self-Care Services Through Whatsapp

Jazz have become the first telecom operator in the country to provide automated self-care services through Whatsapp where the application will allow customers to send message to Jazz’s Whatsapp number

Jazz is one of the country’s leading Pakistan digital communication companies that strive to constantly innovate and increase their services. In an initiative which will serve to be the first in the country, Jazz have become the first telecommunication operator in Pakistan that will provide automated self-care services through Whatsapp.

Jazz have now started to offer post-paid subscribers a self-care service window on WhatsApp which can be easily used by their customers to access the application. Under this new initiative, WhatsApp will act as a self-service portal for Jazz users where either the customer can send a message to the Jazz WhatsApp number or vice versa. Jazz postpaid customers can send “Hi” to 0300-3008000 to connect with Jazz WhatsApp channel. Another method is through accessing https://wa.me/923003008000/?text=Hi & get the bill immediately. When the connection has been established via this method, customers will be able to pay their bills, get last generated invoice and view their billing information along with support FAQs. Moreover, all conversations will be completely free of charge that is done in this time period.

As soon as this agreement was signed, Sadia Khurram the Chief Customer Experience Officer (CEEO) at Jazz mentioned that, “In keeping with evolving habits of our customers in the digital space, Jazz is committed to providing friction-free and effortless services to its customers and is proud to announce the launch of WhatsApp as a social support channel for its valued customers.”According to the plans mentioned by the company, this platform will provide self-service options to its postpaid customers, who will now be able to get their billing information, pull invoices & make payments using a simplified platform. The long-term plan is to transform this method this into a full-fledged conversational channel and extend it to our valued pre-paid customers. Sadia Khurram highlighted this by stating“As customers increasingly inhabit the world of WhatsApp and their preference is moving from ‘traditional call center care’ to ‘social care’ models, Jazz will continue to be responsive to its customers’ needs for easy, fast and convenient care channels”