Digitizing Educational Content: Jazz Launches Educator App

Quick Take on the Educator App by Jazz 

With technology making all things possible in every field and domain area, there is no doubt that education should definitely get its fair share of benefit as well. World over, technology is being utilized to its maximum in several social spheres, and slowly but steadily, some great work is being in Pakistan on the same front as well. One initiative that has recently been launched this summer, is the Educator App by Jazz Mobile Network. With the spread of 3G/4G technology and services in Pakistan, products like these see a better outreach and widespread use.

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Despite several public and private sector programs, Pakistan’s literacy rate remains at the lower end of the bar. However, m-education initiatives and mobile applications or services that are backed by technology and telecom giants of the industry, definitely make for a good contribution. Currently, the subjects included are Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry & Computer Sciences.

Jazz Educator as a platform, will be providing e-books and online educational content to students. The app aims to provide learning opportunities to the students of different educational systems of Pakistan by digitizing books and providing interactive educational content as well.

According to the telecom provider:

“The product covers all the learning concepts of school and college students along with the exercises, mock-up exams and exam preparation tips at the palm of their hands along with pictorial lessons and video tutorials as well.”

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The product covers all the learning concepts of school and college students ranging from Grade 9, 10, 11, 12 and O/A Levels along with exercises, mock-up exams and exam preparation tips with pictorial lessons & video tutorials.

Additional features, which are yet to be launched, include live video conferencing, which would allow students to talk to a panel of teachers through the platform.

The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Currently, there is no information on the iOS version of the same.