Jazz and Telenor Partner To Optimize Customer Experience

The Telecommunication sector has been one sector that has seen tremendous growth over the past number of years. With initiatives such as Microfinance Banks and new mobile financial platforms, carious companies have made strides in the process. As another progressive step in the sector, Jazz and Telenor have partnered in an effort to optimize the customer experience.

Known as giants of the industry, Jazz and Telenor Microfinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan have partnered with JazzCash to provide direct integration on mobile financial platforms to optimize the customer experience. One of the main objectives of this partnership is to enable a digital ecosystem for consumers as a way to help them enhance their ability to manage financial and mobile communications.

This collaboration will firstly involve the Easypaisa App which can be used to purchase Jazz airtime. Likewise, JazzCash mobile app can be used to purchase Telenor Pakistan’s bundles. These Jazz bundles will also be available on the Easypaisa App in the future as well. According to Asif Aziz, CCO at Jazz, went on to state that:

“Our priority is to promote consumer choice and improve access to high-quality digital financial services—which is especially important for underserved households. This partnership with Easypaisa is essentially a vital step towards this mandate of ours. Collaborating with a competing mobile payments provider shows our willingness to build a border-less payments ecosystem, which shall help build a more open, interoperable payments system in the future.

Through this integration, we are providing consumers with enhanced functionality and freedom to choose their preferred mobile money account for all pre-paid and post-paid transactions related to Jazz or Telenor Pakistan”.

This agreement seems to be a breakthrough for the industry and a first of its kind deal between these two parties. In an age where the digital world is increasingly getting more versatile and making it more comfortable for the user, this step works in that direction. The CMO of Telenor Pakistan, Umair Mohsin added on to this by stating:

“We always have customers at the core of our business and our priority is to bring convenience and feasibility to them at their fingertips. Through this partnership with JazzCash, we are enhancing the user experience to be more inclusive of what our industry has to offer while providing a wider gateway towards financial inclusion. In this era of digitalization, we are reducing boundaries and enabling our customers through integrated touch points.”

Khurram Malik, Head of Easypaisa, Telenor Microfinance Bank highlighted the importance of this partnership by stating:

“Easypaisa is transforming the way users perform financial transactions. We aim to digitize user experience by building a digital ecosystem that allows them to enjoy convenient payment options. This partnership with Jazz is another step in that direction. We will continue to bring more brands and service providers under the Easypaisa umbrella to create diverse opportunities as well as provide ease to consumers”.