Japanese Investment Corp. Looking to Expand In Pakistan

A Japanese investment firm has opened an office in Pakistan to look for promising businesses amid the country’s growing IT sector.

Bold Investment, based in Tokyo, will focus on the technology industry and help businesses scale up through investments and acquisitions. Its expanded management position will be based on its experience in launching, expanding, and turning around a variety of businesses. In March 2021, Ogitsu Co., Ltd. and six of its group firms in Japan were purchased by ITL Holdings Co., Ltd., a Bold investment group business.

Mergers and acquisitions, according to the group, are on the rise.

Mergers and acquisitions, according to the group, are still an important element of the corporate world, despite the fact that most people believe the model has yet to catch on in the country. The company noted that the focus for acquisition and finance will remain on businesses founded by passionate entrepreneurs with a solid basis.

“As an international corporate development firm, we see tremendous opportunity in the Pakistani market to collaborate with innovative innovators and firms to build long-term relationships for rapid growth,” said Casey Shiga, who heads Bold Investment’s International Merger and Acquisition Division.

Their entry is likely to provide entrepreneurs with a sustainable funding and exit solution, as Pakistan moves towards evolving its tech sector. Its IT exports alone have crossed $2 billion and come on the back of digital adoption that has seen the country’s cellular subscriptions reach 183 million, and broadband/mobile broadband penetration going beyond 43%.

In Japan, the United Kingdom, and Asia, Bold Investment has acquired and invested in enterprises. Now that it has entered Pakistan, the company aims to play an active role in the country’s M&A sector.

Source: Business Recorder