Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: Sana Farooq On Bucking Up Entrepreneurs


In celebration of the International Women’s Day, IDG is back with its series featuring women from around the local ecosystem. Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s; here in conversation with mom-preneur Sana Farooq, Founder of the E-Learning Network.

In the day and age we live in women empowerment is crucial for the development of the economy, these two play hand in hand if one is truly want a better future. As the Ghanaian Diplomat Kofi Annan rightly once said that “There is no tool more effective than the empowerment of women.”

Speaking to IDG Pakistan, this International Women’s Day is Sana Farooq from the E-learning Network. She says,

“a woman tech entrepreneur and mother of two, I keenly feel the emotional and social struggles felt by all women around the world. I have connected with so many wonderful women in my leadership journey as Founder of ELN  and Global Ambassador for Blackbox Connect .”

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Futhermore speaking of the struggles faced by women in their everyday lives she added,

“Yes, we women have to work harder at home and at work to prove our potential and value. Yes, our struggles (emotionally and physically) are different to men for various reasons. But here’s the thing – we’re doing it! What’s more? We are succeeding and shining everywhere across the globe! It is so heartening.

My message to other women would be – build that strong, intimate circle of positive people who will support you, we all need support and encouragement. Believe in yourself rather than trying to prove anything to others, get rid of guilt. You deserve to shine, you deserve to enjoy your success and reap the benefits of your hard work.

Finally and most importantly, we all MUST ensure we help boost other wonderful women – pull them up and boost them further than we are. We have to be there for each other genuinely, practically, always.”

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