Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: Maryam Arshad Looks At The Bigger Picture

In celebration of the International Women’s Day, IDG is back with its series featuring women from around the local ecosystem. Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s; here in conversation with Maryam Arshad, Lead GBG Peshawar and Founder Impact Dynamics.

Speaking to IDG, Maryam’s message for International Women’s Day 2018 was:

“Your mind is an embankment of thoughts similar, slightly similar, less similar or dissimilar to 7.6 billion people (and growing). Imagine driving ideas around thoughts similar, slightly similar, less similar or dissimilar to these 7.6 billion people. What a great chat for designing solutions would that turn out to be!”

Maryam Arshad is the Founder and Director at Impact Dynamics, an organization that drives change through social innovation, digitalization and education labs. Maryam also leads the Google Business Group for Peshawar and has been the driving force in Peshawar for several initiatives including the Womenwill program, and regular trainings and mentorship. Maryam was previously also associated with the National Incubation Center Islamabad and was a core team member during their first year, serving as the Community Manager.