Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: Hear it from Herself!

Mehak Jamal is the Project Manager at TechHub Connect and Herself, projects of the Punjab IT Board.

Speaking to IDG Pakistan this women’s day she said,

I’m living my dream of empowering women through tech. I strongly believe, it’s important to fall in love with what you do. In order to fall in love, it’s important to discover who your real self is and that’s the trickiest bit. As a woman in a leadership role now, looking at my journey makes me realize persistence is what has brought me this far. 

Among the 3 projects that I lead at Punjab Information Technology Board, the project that is the closest to my heart is Herself- an initiative to create more women entrepreneurs and freelancers. From my own experience and after speaking to numerous women who’ve graduated from Herself, I’ve observed that the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of women in pursuing their dreams is their mental blocks.”