Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: Hear it from Javaria Najeeb this IWD

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2017!

Javeria Najeeb, who wears many hats, shares her thoughts with IDG on this International Women’s Day.

“Women comprise of almost 51 percent of our economy and a thin percentage is fortunate enough to make a difference in their own lives and the people around them. To the blessed ones! if you have already reached there, please look around for other aspiring women who could have made a difference too but couldn’t due to the circumstances, choices and pressures around, please help them, support them, guide them and encourage them. The career path for women is more difficult as compared to our counterparts as we need to be more hardworking, more resilient, more thick skinned and more passionate to achieve the similar milestones.”

Javaria is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Crescent Group Pvt. Ltd., Marketing Lead for CresVentures, Executive Director TiE Lahore, and Lecturer at Kinnaird College.