Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: Words from Literary Maestro Ameena Saiyid, OUP

Ameena Saiyid, who is nearly celebrating three decades of serving the local industry looks back on her journey, as we speak to her this International Women’s Day 2017.

Speaking to IDG Pakistan, she says:

Mine has been a long journey, one in which obstacles had to be overcome and glass ceilings shattered but it has been an exhilarating one. I decided early on that, despite the ongoing challenges, I would not throw in the towel. I persevered and balanced my life and work. There were many important lessons I learned along the way about how to build, grow and develop an organisation, because that’s what I believe entrepreneurship is all about.

Adding on, she shared some key lessons that she’s learnt over the years:

  • Develop a vision
  • Build an organisation’s external relationships
  • Stay in touch with the world
  • Understand aspirations
  • Pioneer new ideas and innovate
  • Reach beyond the elite
  • Work with both private and public sectors
  • Empower your staff
  • Cultivate the quality of perseverance

In order to encourage women in tech, OUP recently organized a Digital Education Roadshow to provide an opportunity to Pakistani startups and tech companies to present their ideas, solutions, and products and to create a platform to promote collaboration and partnerships.

We want to tap into and work with the most innovative, professional, and outstanding tech companies in Pakistan because we recognize the potential reach and impact that digital solutions can make. I want to work with such tech companies so that, together, we can make a powerful impact.