ITU Open House 2018

ITU Center for Civic Innovation is an initiative geared towards addressing community-based problems and civil society challenges through an amalgamation of research, the use of technology and innovative interventions. They use newer technologies to come up with ways to solve every day problems and issues that have become an issue for the citizens of Pakistan on a global scale.

In their effort to eradicate these issues and in order to get more attention to their program, they are holding an Open House to raise awareness about their plans.


The Open House for the ITU Center for Civic Innovation will take place on the 19th of March 2018. The session will take place from 3-5 PM at the Information Technology University Campus in their 3rd Floor Auditorium.
This serves to invite citizens from all over the country to collaborate with the government in order to come up with solutions for developmental challenges. It allows for these citizens to partake in this activity and become a Civic Innovation Fellow. They will participate in hackathons and will build solutions using PITB systems and data. In essence, they will allow these individuals to bring about a positive social change in society.


The Open House will provide more information on their programs which will be further explained by the Chief Guest of the Open House, Dr. Umar Saif. Here is where he will them more about their Civic Innovation Fellowship’18 and will tell them how and where to apply. Finally, the session will conclude with them learning more about their upcoming projects which will be focused on working with the ITU student body, faculty and staff.