IT Minister Bans Suicidal Games Blue Whale & Momo Challenge

The Blue Whale and Momo Challenge have taken over the internet and have become a threat to the society as they encourage young people to commit suicide and threaten them if they do not agree to their terms.

Therefore in order to combat the suicidal game and protect the citizens of Pakistan, Federal IT Minister Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui on Sunday has announced an official ban onBlue Whale and Momo challenge.

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At the meeting with a joint delegation of IT and software developers in Karachi he said,

These games don’t have any place in Pakistan as they are destroying the youth and are one of the key players in suicides taking place worldwide.”

Furthermore according the Express Tribune, he added that a law is soon to be passed in this regard where developing, sharing and using such software will be a crime under the Cyber Crime Act.

Last year only, a parliamentary panel directed the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to launch a media campaign to create awareness on the perils of a suicide game called Blue What that has claimed several lives around the world. It comprised of challenges for 50 days and compelled the user to kill them on the last challenge.