Turning Dreams Into Reality: Islamabad Entrepreneurship Summit 2018



In the past couple of years, special emphasis has been given to the rapid rise and popularity of entrepreneurship in the country. Realizing the need for a stable and growing economy, the government sector in Pakistan has started prioritizing the need to promote new startups and hence have launched a multitude of initiatives which seek to drive this change in norms.

One of the most effective methods in accomplishing such a task is to conduct multiple sessions and summits with experts so that budding entrepreneurs can feed off the knowledge of these individuals and use that to drive their own business. With that idea in mind, the federal capital of Pakistan proudly hosted an entrepreneurship meet in the country with ‘Islamabad Entrepreneurship Summit 2018’ taking place this week.

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The tagline for the event was ‘Make Your Dreams Come True!’. The Islamabad Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 is a 4 hour meet where it allows individuals to network with renowned speakers and experts across the country. The event took place on the 23rd of February near Faisal Masjid in Islamabad.

This session also included panel discussions which would further enhance the knowledge of the individuals attending the summit. This would include sessions where these individuals can interact with experts and get advices on how to market their own brand efficiently and what steps to take in order to make their idea a reality.

This session invites all budding entrepreneurs and founder of businesses to attend the summit. The Islamabad Entrepreneurship Summit 2018 looked at empowering these individuals with the necessary skillset needed to launch a successful startup and learn from their peers in the process.