Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day


Every female who works in the field of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) has been told at one point in their lives that this field is not for them as it is a ‘boy’s’ field and that it is useless for them to study or invest in their education in this field.

The struggle is real and it is at times tedious when one has to deal with constant criticism and lack of confidence in the female gender. But there are women out there breaking the patriarchal rules and making a name for themselves in the various fields of STEM. Therefore, to honor all of these bright and talented ladies, on June 23rd the world celebrates the International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

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The official INWED site says:

​​International Women in Engineering Day is an international awareness campaign to raise the profile of women in engineering and focuses attention on the amazing career opportunities available to girls in this exciting industry. It celebrates the outstanding achievements of women engineers throughout the world. Once again in 2018 we are under UNESCO patronage.

The theme for INWED 2018 is ‘Raising the Bar’ that focuses on showing the world how women all over are raising the bar when it comes to STEM and continue to pave the way for more female entrants.

So celebrate the International Women in Engineering Day with the hashtags #ILookLikeAnEngineer #WomenEngineersinPakistan #WomeninStem #RaisingtheBar. Furthermore, you can find selfie cards on this website to show support for the women in STEM on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Several events have been scheduled around the world to celebrate the day and the work and contribution of women who have made a difference in the fields of STEM.