Inov8 E-nables Khadim-e-Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem Program

Inov8 Limited is the enabling partner for the largest government initiative towards education; Zewar-e-Taleem

One of Pakistan’s premier m-payments company, Inov8 Limited, announced that it is providing end to end technology for Punjab Government’s new initiative, Khadim-e-Punjab Zewar-e-Taleem program.

Bank of Punjab is assisting the disbursement of funds through their branchless banking platform which is powered by Inov8 Limited. Inov8’s high performance platform will be used for conditional cash transfer worth Rs.6 Billion a year for the school girls enrolled in grade 6 to 10 of 16 districts in Punjab.

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Chief Minister Punjab at the launching ceremony of this program was pleased to approve a monthly stipend of Rs.1000/- to over 460,000 female students for their school enrollment and retention, subject to 80 percent school attendance.

This partnership and back-end technology support enables the government to provide major targeted interventions towards socioeconomic sectors, as the monthly stipend directed towards contributing to the nutrition, transportation costs and cognitive needs of the female students will be paid through Khidmat Card.

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Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif said, that to equip the children of the nation is the responsibility of the state and the PML-N government will fulfill its responsibility.

Regarding this new initiative, Inov8 Co-Founder and Co-CEO Bashir Sheikh stated,

We are proud of the fact that the Khidmat card under the guidance of Punjab Information Technology Board is powered by Inov8 Technology. It has been deemed the flagship platform offered by the government for multiple major social interventions that have provided the much-desired impact needed for the less privileged in our society.

The same program is used to provide subsidy payments to people with special needs, provide cash transfers to the victims of child labor and is now being used for one of the largest targeted interventions to increase female attendance in schools in impoverished districts of Punjab. As a Pakistani company we aim to work in areas where our globally competitive technology can help give back to our society.

Source: Inov8