Information Technology University Hosts Intra-University Event: TechStorm 2018


Information Technology University is a public university in Lahore. Founded in 2013, the university is founded is modeled after MIT and works to aims to implement a unique teaching methodology and cross-disciplinary research that is grounded in real-world problem solving to educate the next generation of innovative and entrepreneurial engineers.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers at ITU provides assistance to technical professionals and students who are looking to both foster working relationships and gain access to the latest technical research and knowledge. In their attempt to innovate a new style of competition for the students, recently, they concluded a unique intra-ITU competition known as Techstorm which aimed to test their academic skillset.

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TechStorm 2018 is a intra-university event which took place during March 16-19. It was restricted only for the IEEE ITU society members. This competition took place to decide the better school within ITU. Capitalizing on the ongoing tussle between the Electrical and Computer Science departments, TechStorm’18 will help them in finding out which department is superior. The competition will test their academic skills over a multitude of modules.

The modules include categories which rely on academic fundamentals such as speed coding and circuit making while also testing the students on their knowledge on  pop-culture with modules on Games-of-Thrones and FRIENDS. The entire list of modules are as follows:

1) Quiz Competition + The Showdown (Faculty Quiz)
2) Speed Wiring
3) Speed Coding
4) Speed Typing
5) Speed Math
6) Poster Designing
7) The Meme Battle
8) Game-of-Thrones Trivia
9) F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Trivia
10) The Game of Deduction – Sherlock Holmes
11) Board Meeting – Faculty Chess

Although the competition is only for students in ITU, in order for a team to register for the event, they need to be registered and be members of the IEEE ITU Society and the membership fee is RS. 500 per semester. No participant can compete for more than 3 activities and since they will be official members of the society, they will gain access to benefits such as access to the IEEE official forum and complete career counselling.