Indian Hackers Defame Several Government Websites On Independence Day


While some youngsters were dedicating A Cappella songs across borders, some remained occupied in defacing Pakistani public institutions. On Monday morning websites of multiple departments of the Government of Pakistan, including the Establishment Division, the Law Ministry, Ministry of Inter Provincial Cooperation, Ministry of Defence as well as Ministry of Information Technology were hacked according to multiple local news channels.

According to a few sources at Pakistan Telecommunication Authority who informed Indian news outlet The Hindu that they were unable to identify the group behind the hacking but confirmed that it was a highly coordinated attack by Indian hackers.

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The hackers replaced the homepages of the mentioned website with a black screen with “Hacked by LulzSec India” and “Happy Independence Day – 15 August” written over them. According to various sources the websites remained defaced for quite some time and that they have become inaccessible.

According to a local news outlet, a single hacker group may be behind this, and it is still yet to be clear if mail servers and other back-end data, that may contain crucial information, is also hacked or not. It has become a trend of sorts for Pakistani and Indian hackers to become extra active on independence day, and it may seem that this attack may have been in response to the Pakistani hackers group that were active in the morning and had succeeded in hacking some Indian websites.