Celebrating Independence Day 2017: A Flagfie A Day

As people from all around the nation eagerly await the arrival of 14th August, we get to witness a spectacle that we only get to see once every year; a spectacle unique in its own right and one that’s barely seen anywhere else in the world. Although it is a common belief that every country has their own way to celebrate their Independence, it is the unique blend of cultures and a multitude of activities and performances that truly make 14th August stand out internationally.

As we get closer to the day of independence, Pakistanis have found various ways in which they can enjoy the day to its fullest. On one hand, you can find men and women take part in parades throughout the week while on the hand, can find families visiting the beach. You can see children wearing badges and people dawning the green and white. It can be as simple as hoisting the Pakistani flag on to their houses and cars or simply visiting a nearby mall and counting down the clock till it hits 12.

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Among the rapidly growing trends of Independence Day, developers from across the nation have decided to play their part by creating multiple new applications so that people from across the country can enjoy their day more. One of the more popular applications is the ability to customize a user’s picture so that it could fit the occasion of Independence Day. In essence, editing a certain picture and adding filters appropriate for the event which might include features such as adding a background or text.

One of the more popular applications include Face Flag which, as the name implies, adds a picture of the Pakistani flag to a person face while having the ability to add text and filters. It is incredibly user friendly, fast and easy to understand quickly. Other notable applications include Pakistan Flag DP which, like the previous application, has the same features except adding more features such as adding backgrounds and adding clip arts of various renowned landmarks such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Masjid and so much more. Other applications include PakistanFlagfie-which adds filters to a particular selfie- and Pakistan Independence Day Photo Frame which edits a user’s picture in accordance to the theme.

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The popularity of these applications simply showcases the sheer variety of how Pakistanis can celebrate this day in their own unique way. As we are only a week left to Independence day, we can only imagine how large the festivities of this event can be and we hope that the 70th anniversary of the creation of Pakistan proves to be one of the biggest events that the country has seen. Pakistan Zindabad!