A Look At Azaadi Deals on Independence Day 2017


14th August 2017; the day etched in stone where a nation was born. As we look celebrate 70 years to the day of independence, people from all walks of like aim to celebrate this day in their own unique way. As children would dawn the green & white to run around their neighborhood and families would hoist up the Pakistani flag and decorate their own houses, companies and shoppers alike would exploit the wide array of discounts at their disposal adequately labelled under the banner of ‘Azaadi Deals’.

A growing tradition as we pass each and every Independence Day, Azaadi Deals are a medium through which businesses would use holidays or seasons like these in order to attain more sales. Seasonal discounts are a staple in every major holiday all around the globe. Ranging from Black Friday to widely renowned Christmas deals, all follow the same marketing strategy. As the case with Pakistan, there’s a wide array of holidays to exploit this strategy with a multitude of Ramzan and Eid deals and discounts. However, arguably the most important out of these discounts is undoubtedly the Azaadi deals at offer.

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For those tech enthusiasts who prefer collecting the newest of the new in technology, this deal proves to be an ideal medium to acquire such gadgets. In specific, online stores such as Daraz have notably collaborated with Habib Bank Limited (HBL) to provide discounts ranging to 70% if any transaction is taking place by a HBL Debit or Credit card on the 13th and 14th of August in a scheme known as HBL Shopfest.

Similarly, another renowned store Telemart is offering Azaadi Deals on specific products such as gadgets and watches ranging to 70% as well. Finally, Shoprex has offered an Azaadi Deal on a multitude of products for up to 60% ranging from watches to cameras and earphones.

Although renowned e-commerce stores such as iShopping, Allmytech, 24hours.pkShophive and Kaymu have restricted themselves to a meager clearance or branded sales leading up to nearly 65%, Symbios.pk is set to rival Daraz’s HBL Shopfest in terms of arguably the best Azaadi deals on offer with up to 75% discount and 60% on new mobile phones as well. At the same time, Yayvo, TCS’ e-commerce arm also committed to a grand sale on their platform. Homeshopping is also offering a limited number of items on sale for Independence Day which can be found here.

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In addition to these aggregated e-commerce platforms, the likes of food outlets, retail and fashion houses also raised their game. These include notable industry names Nishat Linen, Gul Ahmed, Orient, J.B. Saeed, Beech Tree, Hopscotch, Lala, Al-Karam, Bonanza and many others.

The consensus seems to be that although these offers are nothing but seasonal offers, it providers customers with an ideal chance to acquire devices from reliable rates at a considerably lesser price-on average the decrease in price for all mobile phones in discount was at around PKR-10,000. It providers much more benefit to the general public than anyone else and that it encourages shoppers to purchase more online. Happy shopping and a very Happy Independence Day!