ICT Administration Sets Drones To Plant More Trees


A while back images from NASA showed that the greenery in Pakistan has grown in double digits since the past few decades. The images were a testament to the efforts of the government and the people to plant trees in the country.

Therefore, in order to make take the efforts of making Pakistan green, the ICT Administration in Islamabad is pulling out all the stops and is all set to bringing drone plantation to the capital city. The new technology is said to not only increase the speed at which saplings are planted in the city, but will also make them much more effective as opposed to hand plantation.

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The news was officially confirmed by the chief minister of Islamabad via social media where he has assured that the technology will be brought to Pakistan very soon and tested in Islamabad.

The drone plantation technology that is to come in is by the name ElectroCraft that offers the powerful, compact, lightweight and highly efficient RPX series brushless DC motors as a cost-effective solution for battery powered aerial vehicle flight motors.