DEMO Startup Snippet: Mapping the Startup Ecosystem with i2i

As the startup ecosystem peaks ahead, we sometimes have too much white noise in terms of the content being generated by the overall community. So when something innovate pops up it always catches the eyes.

Invest2innovate, has come up with something quite eye-catching and unique. They have already been serving the community extremely well with their annual startup reports. An excellent addendum to this is their startup ecosystem map. Sponsored by Sybrid, the map tracks whatever is happening in and around the startup world in Pakistan. A nifty little tool. Go and check it out here. We are still busy playing with it!

The map is crowd sourced, so people can own their organizations, add pins and update it. i2i’s aim here was to provide a base to get it started), and update as things change.

In a public disclaimer, i2i said: While this is a moderated platform – we know there are a lot more startups out there than we’ve listed – add yours! If your event/org/startup is listed, *claim it* – you can continue to update it over time!

Image source: i2i