VentureDive Wins Two Awards At Best Place To Work Awards Gala 2019

VentureDive is a technology solution company that has won the BPTW Awards at the BPTW Gala 2019 where they won the Best place to work in IT industry and the most fun place to work overall.

VentureDive is a technology solutions company that creates and invests in high-end technology products and solutions that improve lives worldwide. As a company that has made strides in the recent years,VentureDive has won two awards at the Best Place to Work Awards (BPTW) Gala 2019: winning the awards for the Best place to work – IT industry and The most fun place to work – Overall.

PSHRM, powered by Engage Human Resources, conducts the Best Place to Work Surveys in corporate organizations and businesses all across Pakistan after every alternate year. They areusually known to publicize the event by sending out invitations to companies and the company can later decide to either opt to accept or decline the invitation. The main objective of this award and the study is to help organizations in Pakistan transform themselves into the Best Place to Work. Through finding the strengths of each company and focusing the areas of improvement through benchmarking the standard against other organizations.

Around 55 companies that took part in the survey, the survey asked anonymous questions and asked the employees to rate their employer organizations on different scales, in different categories. The questions were focused on leadership, work environment, compensation, colleagues, management, personal and professional growth of the employee. VentureDive competed against companies in Pakistan such as FMCGs, Consulting firms, Banks, Pharma companies, Telecom companies, etc.

According to Anas Ahmed, Vice President HR and Corporate Communications: “Information Technology industry (like most others) is not about technology, it is all about the ‘people’. VentureDive believes in leading the way for HR in Pakistan’s IT Industry, to be the trailblazer in modern HR philosophy, practice, and standards. These awards not only represent our commitment to that mission, but reaffirms our resolve to put VentureDive and Pakistan at the forefront of the Global Arena, and have lots of fun while we are at it”.  The CEO of Venture Dive, AtifAzim, added on to this by stating: “We dedicate this award to our people, our colleagues. As a workplace can only be good as the people you have.And lastly, we dedicate this award to the IT industry in Pakistan. Beating all the incumbents from different industries and being recognized as the most fun company to work speaks volumes of the IT industry’s culture and how we as a collective unit are at the forefront of leading change in the way we work. Onwards and upwards!”