PU Scientist Develop Cheap Corona Virus Diagnosis Kits

Punjab University scientists have develop low-priced Corona Virus diagnostic kits that they plan to provide free of costs for potential Corona suspects\

Recently, a team of Punjab University scientists headed by the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology’s Prof Dr Muhammad Idrees has developed a low-price diagnostic kit to test suspected Corona virus patients. The diagnostic kit test has proven to work efficiently, and users can get the test done at a true cost of around 5 US dollars or Rs 800 only.

Recently, the team spoke to the media about the launch of this kit. Prof Dr Muhammad Idrees, a renowned virologist and former vice chancellor of University of Hazara, was noted to have said that the development of the kit was not a big deal for these scientist to get executed. However, the main struggle that pose them is to facilitate that to a large number of people in the country. Hence, now the government would and need to be able to get diagnostic kits from its own department. Dr Idrees also stated that the laboratory where the test of Corona virus suspect was being tested should match BSL 3 standard. This is to ensure that the lab staff and other relevant individuals can not be affected and the spread of virus could be controlled.

Dr Idress also said that the team could develop thousands of kits within a week for the government, if they have the facility and availability of basic ingredients. Moreover, Punjab University Vice Chancellor, Prof Niaz Ahmad said that PU CEMB would conduct tests of Corona virus suspects free-of-cost to ensure that people using this facility can get the test done with relief and that it could be provide to a large portion of people. He went on by stressing that this is the role of universities to resolve the problems being faced by the society at large and Punjab University plans to play their role to cope with this pandemic at this crucial point of time.