Ejad Labs Host Pakistan Tech Summit 2020 In Silicon Valley

Ejad Labs have organized the first edition of the Pakistan Tech Summit in Silicon Valley to showcase the tech growth of Pakistan in Silicon Valley

Ejad Labs is an organization that aims to redefine the role of business in South Asia. They wish to support high growth, values-led leaders, who will be instrumental in transforming the economy for the better. They are known to host a series of international summits, delivers unique development programs in South Asia, Silicon Valley and Europe, partnering with governments, corporates, start-ups and entrepreneurial individuals to pioneer a new way of business. Recently, Ejad Labs have organized the first edition of the Pakistan Tech Summit in Silicon Valley to showcase the tech growth of Pakistan in Silicon Valley.

The Pakistan Tech Summit in Silicon Valley took place on the 15th February 2020 at Draper University. The event served the purpose of showcasing the best of Pakistani start-ups, innovators and inventors. The event was considered a major success and included a house-full with a total of 300 people in attendance filled with tech leaders including top entrepreneurs, techies and VCs from Silicon Valley and a 50-people delegation from Pakistan. The summit was sponsored by VisionX, NetSol Technologies, JS Bank and supported by the Government of Pakistan through the Ministry of IT & Telecom, Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB) and National IT Board (NITB).

The Pakistan Tech Summit was organized by Ejad Labs & PAK-US Tech Exchange in collaboration with Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC), Momentum Tech and NUSTIAN. The previous edition of this summit was hosted by Ejad Labs, who previously hosted the summit in Oslo, Norway with support from the City of Oslo. The summit featured Pakistan’s largest IT delegation to Silicon Valley including entrepreneurs, government and private sector leaders. Some of the major participants of the conference included: Shabahat Ali Shah — CEO National IT Board Pakistan, Abdul Jabbar Memon — Consul General of Pakistan in LA, Najeeb Ghauri — Chairman NetSol Technologies, Farrukh Mahboob — Chairman VisionX, Noman Azhar — Executive Vice President JS Bank, Dr. Telle Whitney — Former CEO Anita Borg Institute and Huma Hamid — Founder Pakistani Women in Computing (PWiC). If someone is interested to see the full delegation representing the country, they can see the full delegation at bit.ly/pakus-list.

Arzish Azam, CEO of Ejad Labs and Founder of the Pakistan Tech Summit stated that “Pakistanis have achieved tremendous success in the global tech industry whether they’re based inside or outside Pakistan. The tech summit is a movement of events to be held around the world in order to showcase these achievements and bring the community together for the common goal of building the future of Pakistan by supporting our start-ups, techies and the digital economy.”