Pakistan Citizen’s Portal Now Can Report Corruption And Malpractice Issues

The Pakistan Citizen’s Portal can now be used to report Corruption & Malpractice on the complaint lodging mechanism on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan who tasked the Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) to introduce a category for Corruption and Malpractices on the portal.


Pakistan Citizen Portal is an integrated citizens grievance redressal system connecting all government organizations both at federal and provincial levels. The system will serve as carrier of complaints to their respective offices across all over Pakistan. The citizen feedback will be linked to an officer’s performance and promotion and the App will serve as complementary channel between citizen and government. As a way to use this portal to ensure corruption can be curbed from government departments, Pakistan Citizens’ Portal now allow people to report corrupt practices on the complaint lodging mechanism.

This decision and change was made on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan, who tasked the Performance Delivery Unit (PMDU) to introduce a category for Corruption and Malpractices on the portal. The category has been further classified into six subcategories which are: Financial Corruption, Violation of Merit/Rules, Power Abuse, Fraud/Forgery, Harassment, and Inefficiency. As per the tasked Prime Minister’s Performance Delivery Unit, the subcategories are made to make it more convenient for citizens as it can help citizens identify the nature of the complaint.

They have also gone on to highlight examples of cases which can be input in these subcategories which included matters related to the corruption in public funds, bribery, and kickbacks which can be reported under Financial Corruption. Moreover, anomalies in recruitment, procurement, and allotment processes fall under the Violation of Merit/Rules category. Finally, favoritism, unauthorized privileges can represent the Power Abuse section. Citizens can also use this portal to report harassment, in any form which be physical or sexual, threatening, and blackmailing, under the Harassment category. They have also stated that matters such as fake documents and impersonation can also go under the Fraud/Mockery section. Performance Delivery Unit stated that these categories will systemize and automate the complaint lodging process. Moreover, it will also add more to the current services of the portal as most of the cases and make them more authentic as some cases were seen to be irrational content serving vested interests.