Pakistani Citizens Portal Seen Success In Rate Of Complaints Resolved

The Pakistan Citizens Portal was a way for the federal government to aim and resolve the prevalent issues faced by the citizens of the country and have successfully resolved over half a million complaints through the portal

The Pakistan Citizens Portal was a way for the federal government to aim and resolve the prevalent issues faced by the citizens of the country. With over half a million complaints resolved through the citizens portal, it is now reported that the federal government will now lead the provincial governments in redressal of citizen complaints received at Pakistan Citizen Portal.

The Pakistani cabinet was informed that 1.173 million users had registered themselves on the portal with 100,300 inland users, 103,000 overseas Pakistanis and 4,000 foreigners. This is also added by providing clarification on Province-wise data which states that 568,000 users from Punjab, 284,000 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 137,000 from Sindh, 35,000 from Islamabad, 12,000 from Balochistan, 7,000 from Azad Jammu and Kashmir and 1,000 from Gilgit-Baltistan are registered with the portal. The report also stated that the federal government had resolved 509,153 out of 553,125 complaints and gave a further clarification. In Punjab, 392,292 complaints were resolved with 88 per cent redressal rate. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa secured 87% on the score card by resolving 100,635 out of 116,050 complaints. In Islamabad, 9,909 complaints were resolved out of 11,137. The Balochistan government resolved 6,166 complaints out of 7,782 and a 79% redressal rate. The Sindh government lacked behind all the governments with 40% redressal rate and resolved 38,268 out of 95,894 complaints which was significantly lesser than the other provinces.

It is pleasant to note that various policies have been made to facilitate the feedback which includes enforcement of SOPs for facilitation of persons with missing finger prints, exemption of overseas Pakistanis from withholding tax. Other measures also include payment of outstanding stipends to over 29,000 interns that were not paid by the previous government and assisting females and people with disabilities. The cabinet were then informed on the successes that were seen as a result of the portal that highlighted helping citizens in cases of non-cooperation from government officials and offices, action against high-handedness of police officials, recovery of abductee, blackmailing. One major measure involved taking action against police officials who had conspired with criminals involved in the rape of a girl. Prime Minister Imran Khan and the cabinet members conclude the session by appreciating the performance of the Pakistan Citizen Portal.