Ministry Of Communications Launch Internship Program For 35,000 Youngsters

The Ministry of Communications have made an announcement to launch an internship program for 35,000 youngsters where the announcement was made by their Minister, MuradSaeed.

The Ministry of Communications, is a Cabinet-level ministry of the Pakistani Government responsible for analyzing, formulating and implementing central policy on communications and transportation. As an organization that aims to continue to provide more for the country, the Ministry has recently announced the launch of their new internship program that will cater to over 35,000 young people.

The decisions to launch the program came under the directions of the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, that made Pakistan Post decide to launch the start oftheir internship program for the youth. The announcement came under a video message from the Minister of Communications, MuradSaeed. The Federal Minister for Postal Services, MuradSaeed, said that the first session will begin from 4th November and more than 35,000 youngsters will benefit from this program. According to the details mentioned by the Minister, the program will initiate from 1200 post offices across the country where the youth will learn different skills from experts that can later help them start their own businesses or be a part of the Prime Minister’s KamyabJawan scheme.

Anyone between the age of 20 and 30 can apply for this internship but only those that have done matriculation, or any other equivalent degree are eligible to apply for the program. It is important to note that no internees will be given a stipend but the registration forms can be downloaded from the Pakistan Post’s website. The program will last for a month and the internees will be trained under three different modules including:

  1. Internship Modules Program A: (Franchise Post Office)
    • Understanding of Postal Products
    • Accounting Procedures
    • Hands-on training for booking of Postal Products
    • Preparation of bill & commission on different services as a franchisee
  2. Internship Module Program B: (Insurance Agents)
    • Types of insurance policies
    • How to become a PLI agent
    • Calculations related to insurance premium
    • Marketing for insurance
    • Legal formalities
  3. Internship Module Program C: (e-Commerce)
    • Basics of E-Commerce
    • Web portals to start E-business
    • Role of the delivery partner in e-commerce
    • How to become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur

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