Mevris App Reported To Reduce Electricity Bill By Upto 75%

 It has been reported through the customers of the Mevris App that the app has reduced their electricity bill by upto 75% by cutting the cost of air conditioning through AI and Auto Pilot Technology.

Mevris, (Make Everything Smart) is Pakistan’s first IoT and AI-powered application launched by BlueEast, the Orient Group of companies. Mevris recently launched a case study indicated that the launch of their app can cut the cost of air conditioning by 75%.

According to Abdul Rehman Talat, Chairman and CEO of BlueEast, he stated that: “Customers can reduce their electricity bill up to 75% Through Mevris App”. He also said: “Mevris platform is living up to its promise of educating and helping the consumers in optimal-way of using their air-conditioners while ensuring comfort as well as energy savings”.

The company conducted a case study and was conducted on 10,000 air conditioners, from 2017 till the end of 2019.In their first installation, Orient’s customer care team reported that the customer was excited and skeptical about the benefits of a Smart Air Conditioner and Mevris Platform as they were not aware of this technology. With regards to the Energy Crisis in Pakistan, the air conditioning consumer market became 80% DC inverter and 20% Fixed Speed. The main challenge was the need to tackle the high inflation rate of 12.3% and thus, the electricity cost has also been increased multiple times in 2019 due to IMF requirements.

Currently, a tangible difference was observed in the electricity consumption between customers operating their air conditioners through Mevris and customers relying on the conventional operating methods. On December 19, 2019, the Data Science team at BlueEast annual Mevris analytics report consisted of positive responses and customers highlighted a difference in the amount of electricity bill reducing with Mevris. The consumer using Mevris for their air-conditioning needs, have reduced their monthly air-conditioning energy consumption to 81 KWh (July 2019) from 390 KWh (July 2018). That is a 79% reduction reported from the raw anonymous data-sample. At the same time, high electricity costs have made consumers reduce their use of air conditioners from a peak duration of 146 hours (July 2018) to 119 hours (July 2019) which is a 18% reduction.

Mevris app works through AI technology and Auto Pilot. AI allows insights regarding almost all the components of the air conditioner and customers can get their monthly electricity bill predications through Mevris app by entering their per-unit cost in the app. The Auto Pilot features radically cuts the cost of electricity by managing the air conditioning and the app facilitates this by providing detailed data visualization and analytics on their operations.