Mastercard Pakistan Hires New Country Manager

Mastercard Pakistan have hired previous head of Digital at Habib Bank Ltd, as the new country manager to promote more financial inclusion through digital payments in the country

Mastercard has been a service that has been thriving in the country for quite some time now. According to Profit, it has recently been reported that Mastercard Pakistan have hired a new country manager.

Mastercard Pakistan have recently appointed Atyab Tahir, previously working as the Head of Digital at Habib Bank Limited (HBL), as the new country manager. Mastercard primarily rivals Visa and Paypal for las the leading global payments space in the country. Various banks around the country have been using these 3 platforms to promote digital payments and have been making active efforts to digitize their channels. Efforts such as these have been helping these banks in improving costs and internal processes to map customer journeys and ensuring a better experience at a customer’s touchpoint.

Atyab Tahir played an instrumental role in ensuring HBL dealt with their digital transformation. He helped the company to launch an introduce their open API, data-driven marketing, and conversational banking. His contribution had helped HBL to become a major player in the startup and Fintech ecosystem. People who have worked in HBL and especially people who have worked with Atyab have highlighted his efforts to change the culture of HBL and promote a digital focus of the company that has given them their success. He focused on promoting digital initiatives, digital payments and using digital methods to optimize the retail business. This has become a prominent method used by the company and now have become a trivial conversation in the company. This was proven as the president of HBL had stated that HBL is a technology company with a banking license.

Mastercard has recently been purchasing companies internationally to shift their focus and add to their portfolios in areas such as advisory, analytics, business to business transactions that avoid cards offering. It is believed that Atyab will focus on optimizing payments nationally and improving payment platforms for Mastercard. With an experience in financial inclusion, it is expected that Mastercard might move towards cashless transactions and financial inclusion via digital payments in the country.