AyeCo Raises PKR 12 Million For Their Smartphone Controlled Wheelchairs

Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Co is a startup that has raised PKR 12 Million for purpose built high-tech wheelchairs for the physically disable with features such as voice commands and smartphone enabled wheelchairs

Pakistan is plagued with over 7 million people with any form of physical disability. With a lack of efficient healthcare facilities, it has been difficult to provide them with the services they need. Noticing the lack of these facilities, Ayub Yaqoob Engineering Co, AyeCo, have raised around PKR 12 Million in the effort to provide high-tech Wheelchairs for physically disabled individuals.

As a company known to create the first electric wheelchair manufacturing company of Pakistan, AyeCo recently presented an invention of the first voice-controlled wheelchair which grabbed the attention of many. The brainchild of a LUMS graduate named Faiz Arbab, the high-tech wheelchair named Gobee can be controlled through a smartphone application called ‘Call N Go’. It responds to the voice commands of the user, being able to turn left or right and move forward or backward. The invention is in line with AyeCo’s vision to empower differently-abled people.

This innovation showcases how startups are providing innovation in society and Gobee highlights how one device can help a large demographic and also boast features such as Wi-Fi, LED lights, an emergency stop button and a top speed of up to 40km per hour. AyeCo managed to raise the amount by participating in NEO TV’s startup show ‘Idea Croron Ka’ to raise capital for expansion. The investors present on the show were blown away by this high-tech innovation. Moreover, this innovation will also raise the profile of Pakistan’s medical exports to the world. After hearing about this idea, PTI member, Asad Umar, who was the chief guest on the show, showed his admiration for the startup and sent out a tweet which said: “Innovative work like this voice activated wheel chair by AYECo. This is just the kind of work that needs to be projected”.

Gobee’s attraction has raised capital through investors such as Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, and Naeem Zamindar, Founder of Zamindar Capital. Both investors decided to claim 10% equity each for an individual sum of PKR 6 million. With a combined investment of PKR 12 million, the startup seems to make the project into a reality.