Top Pakistani Youtubers Making Great Content

Various Pakistani YouTubers have gained traction across the past number of years and this focuses on the list of major YouTubers in the country churning out great content

YouTube is undoubtedly the largest video and content creating platform in the world. With an ongoing trend towards being a vlogger, very few are ones that can make it big on YouTube. It is now being seen that plenty of YouTubers have emerged from Pakistan and have made a name for their names on this international platform. This article provides an overview of the prominent YouTubers that are representing the country with pride.

Furqan Shayk; a Swedish-Pakistani YouTuber who comes up with comedy skits. Known by the name ‘Furqan Ka Shor ‘, he is also known to address a socio-political issue that the desi community usually faces in a hilarious manner. Hira Tareen; Hira is a DJ that is also a beauty blogger who is known to post make-up tutorials and skin-care routines. Annam Ahmad is a Hijabi fashion and beauty blogger whose content is focused on Western wear that don’t go with the modest wardrobe that a hijabi girl aims for. One prominent type of content in Pakistan is to improve one’s English and Asim Ali Khokhar does just that with a channel called ‘How To Urdu’.

 Other prominent YouTubers include Zaryab Khan and Asad Ali who are synonymous in the Pakistani tech market as they offer tech reviews and insights. Zaryab Khan provides Smartphone reviews and is known as ‘The Smartphone Guy’ and offers unique information on popular smartphones available and releasing in the market. Asad Ali is another tech reviewer who provides tech reviews and also offers tips and tidbits about the usage of the gadgets. One YouTuber that has gained traction is Waqas Shah who is popular for providing his takes on the common issues faces by Muslim Pakistanis and their biases. Hailing from New York, his videos mainly consist of social experiments addressing racism against Muslims and Pakistanis.

Arguably one of the most popular Youtuber amongst this list is Awesamo Speaks who makes entertaining videos who embraces who he is, cracking jokes in a thoroughly entertaining manner that has attracted a separate fan-base. Kitchen with Amna is the first female YouTuber from Pakistan to cross 1 million subscribers. Kitchen with Amna shares how-tos on Pakistani, Indian and Continental cuisine. To conclude with the last, it would not have been justice to not mention Zaid Ali T who has been regarded as the pioneer of the Pakistan YouTube success. Known for inventing the brown people vs white people compilations, he has been the inspiration for various other Pakistani YouTubers to venture into the scope of YouTube.