Calling All FinTechs: HBL Innovation Challenge 2017


Habib Bank Limited (HBL) is committed to innovation and establishing a name for itself as the bank of tomorrow. Staying connected to technology providers is an important part of their journey in order comes up with innovative solutions for their customers.

Owing to the fact that fintechs today are well on their way to disrupting the local banking industry, HBL has launched the HBL Innovation Challenge, aiming to identify potential partners who can help solve some critical financial services problems.

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The HBL Innovation Challenge is open to all fintech companies at any stage of development. The ultimate goal is to build strong business relationships between HBL and financial technology firms to power the digital financial revolution in Pakistan.

There are five themes to the challenge:

  1. Customer authentication & data protection
  • Digital document authentication
  • Unique transaction identification
  • Cognitive biometrics
  • Fraudulent behavior detection
  • Authentication methods
  • Gamification & virtual reality
  • Cybersecurity
  1. Customer onboarding
  • E-KYC
  • Digital Application
  • Digital customer feedback
  1. Downstream business application
  • Digital payments and efficient settlement
  • Blockchain & distributed ledger
  • Straight through processing & automation
  • Wealth management
  • Enabling third party services like e-commerce website to integrate with HBL’s systems.
  • Lead management and tracking
  1. Data Analytics, algorithms & artificial intelligence
  • Customer insights
  • Data-driven credit assessment in real time
  • Bots & robo-advisory
  1. Regulatory technology
  • Automated regulatory reporting
  • Integrated Basel compliance
  • Information security
  • AML Checks

The application deadline for the challenge is May 7th and the grand finale will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of May 2017. Winners will not only get a cash prize from HBL but also an opportunity to test and deploy their solution at HBL with live customer data using HBL’s own products as leverage.

To apply, visit their official website.

Image source: HBL