Bringing YC Tales Home: Hassan Bhatti @ The Nest I/O

Founded in 2005, this seed accelerator is known as the world’s most powerful startup incubator. Companies such as Quora, AirBnB and 9Gag have come out of from this incubator located in US, also known as Y Combinator.

The Nest I/O is arranging a session with Hassan Bhatti who has been a part of Y Combinator’s summer class of 2016 as the Head of Growth for Iris Automation. He is to share his experiences, and the lessons learned during his time in the US.

The session is all set to place on the 4th of February 2017 at the Nest I/O from 4pm to 6pm. So register now to get a peak at what it is like in the heart of the startup world.

Image source: The Nest I/O