Habib University Brings Second Edition of Code Play


The field of Computer Science in Pakistan has seen an exponential demand in the past half-decade. With newer forms of technology and better implementation through coding and design, the study of Computer Science has been one of the fastest growing disciplines. Consequently, there has been a significant increase in the number of people opting for Computer Science as a major or field which has also increased the number of societies and communities working on CS related activities as well. Taking a leap on this, Habib University, in collaboration with Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is organizing “Code Play (‘2.0’)”, this weekend!

Code Play (‘2.0’) is the second iteration of IEEE’s successful event Code Play taking place at HU. The event will take place from March 9-11. This time being hosted by IEEE Chapter-Habib University in Karachi, the university is working in collaboration with IEEE and the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM).

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The entire event is based fundamentally on basic programming languages as a prerequisite. The event in itself is comprised of nine major modules; the modules are extensive and detailed to ensure that they provide in-depth knowledge and enhance the practical skillset of the contestants. Overall, this competition will strengthen the core concepts of the contestants in diversified areas such as User Experience (UX), Ethical Decision Making, Circuit Design, Debugging and Programming hence improving the basic fundamentals of the participants.

Speaking about the event, the organizing team behind the second edition of Code Play said:

Code.Play(‘2.0’) is a legacy of Habib University’s pioneering event. It engages participants in creative practices and enables them to discover solutions to problems. Code.Play(‘2.0’) introduces unique concepts which provide a rich mix of social consciousness usually delimited to the social sciences. Hilal Shahida Rahmani, Nafeesa Shah and Saeed Ghani are scheduled to appear as our esteemed guests for the three day event and we are so grateful to have IDG, PC World, Dawn, Quubit, Magson Food and Careem are our porud sponsors and partners. 

200 participants are expected at the event from institutes all across Karachi like FAST, IBA, Ilma University, Karachi University, Aptech, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, NUST, PAF Kiet, Iqra University and UBIT.

Comprised of nine extensive and thorough modules meant to provide in-depth and hands-on experience with concepts as diverse as User Experience (UX), Ethical Decision Making, Circuit Design, to the fundamentals of programming such as Debugging and Programming, Code.Play(‘2.0’) is poised to challenge you in familiar and unfamiliar terrains.Rapid Computer was one of our beneficiary last year.

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The design is to ensure the fact that the contestants are tested with material and concepts that they don’t know which will challenge them to come up with a new solution. However, there will be also questions that they are familiar with. What makes this special is that coders will gain knowledge about matters of social responsibility that they are usually devoid of. With an amalgamation of natural sciences alongside critical thinking, problem-solving skills and the social sciences, Code Play (‘2.0’) will be an event that no coder should miss.