Habib Paracha Sponsors the Gallery Walk: Data and Technology at the UN


Habib Paracha is a young Pakistan Hollywood producer and has already served as the executive producer of the Nicholas Cage and Elijah Wood starrer The Trust and The Terminal starring Margot Robbie.

To further add feathers to his cap, the producer is now sponsoring an event called the Gallery Walk: Data and Technology – Revolutionizing and Empowering our Developing World on the 20th of September at the UN General Assembly.
At the event, the tech community, Global organizations, foundations, and several U.N. agencies will have the opportunity to showcase tech/data as the primary solution set for a number of social development issues.

Habib Paracha, announced the gallery watch on his Instagram. He stated that,

“As a member of the cinematic industry it is my vision to tell stories that have the potential to educate and impact global perspectives. Furthermore, as a representative of my community, I continue to learn and appreciate how people of my same heritage are contributing to international peace efforts. I was heartened to read UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s recent remarks on UN-Pak cooperation in various fields and look forward to helping this relationship grow.”

At the Gallery Walk the guests will get to experience an interactive forum designed to educate through interaction and provide actionable insights into the pathway to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Honored guests in attendance include Jens Wandel, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Reforms, United Nations; Cherith Norman Chalet, United States Ambassador for UN Management and Reform; Atefeh Riazi, Assistant Secretary-General, Chief Information Technology Officer; Office of Information and Communications Technology (OICT), United Nations; Martha Helena Lopez, Assistant Secretary-General, Human Resources Management; Department of Management, United Nations; and Paul S. Lockhart, Colonel US Air Force Retired, NASA Astronaut

The venue for the Gallery Walk is the Dun & Bradstreet Headquarters. For more information visit the official website.