GreenTech Feature: Waste Busters – Keeping the Environment Green


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With dramatic weather and environmental hazards, environmental awareness is a great concern for everyone these days. One of the main sources of pollution is the waste material that is disposed in to the atmosphere on a daily basis. On an annual basis, Pakistan roughly generates 20 million tons of solid waste with an annual growth rate of about 2.4 percent. Karachi, largest city in the country, generates more than 9,000 tons of municipal waste daily.

Therefore, in order to tackle the waste that is produced in the country and makes the environmental livable and sustainable; Waste Busters is an independent waste management and janitorial contractor with emphasis on the solution for waste management problems.

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Waste Busters has been providing their clients with outstanding human resources to trainings and meeting new technical, health and safety standards for over 14 years now and have become the preferred choice of businesses and industries nationwide. Furthermore, they have been active with almost 1 million activists to clean the air and safeguard rivers.

The various services that Waste Busters provide include: Industrial Waste, Door to Door, Recycling, Hospital Waste, Debris Removal, Fumigation Services, Janitorial Services, and Restaurant Waste.

Some of the projects they have actively involved in the country include: Fish Pond Fertilizers, Clean Environment, Paper Recycling, and Children Education.

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Their efforts have been rewarded by many authorities worldwide that include the United Nations Developmental Program, Brands of the Year Awards, National Member of ISWA, Dubai Municipality, The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry, NFEH, etc.

Last but not the least, Waste Busters also have an initiative going on with the National Bank of Pakistan, Prime Minister’s Youth Program, and Easy Paisa called ‘Clean Pakistan’ to help the entire country to achieve its goal of making Pakistan a pollution free country while using waste as a resource to earn income.