Government Announces PayPal Policy At An Advanced Stage

An announcement was made to a parliamentary panel earlier this week, stating that the government will introduce PayPal and other online payment platforms in Pakistan.

The Ministry of Science and Technology secretary, in his brief to the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology, stated,

“The policy related to PayPal is at an advanced stage and important development is expected in the next two weeks,” Express Tribune reports

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad expressed his concern on why Pakistan had no access to PayPal, failure of which will remain an impediment in boosting our trade.

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The same meeting also addressed illegal appointments as well as promotions in various departments of the ministry. The committee members present at the meeting also noted the absence of the minister of science and technology, stating that failure to attend the next meeting would lead to a protest and a privilege in motion would follow.

Another pressing concern faced today, was also addressed at the meeting, whereby Rector COMSATS University Dr Raheel Qamar complained to the committee that there was a serious lack of copyright laws, which in return discourages innovation in the country.

His concern was based on actual work produced in the field of R&D (research and development), done by the university. He states,

“These advanced and successful researches do not yield any benefit for the students and even those who will invest in such ventures. It is easier to get copyright of any product registered in the US compared to getting it done in Pakistan,” as quoted by Express Tribune.