Government Invites Key Stakeholders to Education Technology Forum

Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood chaired the Education Technology Forum held earlier this week.

At the forum, the federal government invited representation from major Pakistani EdTech companies, and the fraternity at large to gather insights from key stakeholders.

The dialogue started with feedback on the Single National Curriculum which was discussed in thorough detail, and collective input was taken by all attendees.

One of the attendees from the event shared,

“The Single National Curriculum will definitely reform the education system in Pakistan, is executive well. The government seems to be very serious in reforming the education system and focus on project-based learning and remove rote learning from the system.”

The curriculum in discussion has received a mixed sort of feedback from the general public, but it’s a good move on the government’s part to include stakeholders in the dialogue.

As per a summary published unofficially, a few of the key suggestions made by different stakeholders participating at the conference are as follows:

1- The examination pattern should focus on analyzing critical thinking and problem solving skills for the students to battle rote learning method

2- Promotion of blended learning methods
3- Development of internet infrastructure for schools
4- Modules based on project-based learning to be included in teacher trainings
5- School curriculum must include STEM education and focus

While all of these may seem as basic suggestions that must be in order, implementing these at mass scale still remains a challenge. Hopefully, the government engaging with the private sector and local EdTech companies is going to turn our education system around for the better!