Google Map Adds Public Transport Feature For Pakistan


Google Maps has added a new feature called transit routes for Pakistan where traffic situation is so unconditional.  With this new feature is especially for transits. Before the addition of this feature, anyone could plan their route with a car, bicycle or on foot before updating of this new feature. But now the updated version of Google Map includes public transport and buses routes to get the calculation of time and distance for their routes.

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Umar Gondal, local guide made the critical travel course and submitted the data that was required to bring this feature online.

Through the new update, Google map will now also inform you about the bus arrival/departure times. Furthermore, it also allows you to choose which bus to travel on as well. Other than that, you can also plan your route using Careem or Uber, making things more efficient and easier.

However, the new feature is limited to the Multan Metro only. But it is expect to grow to other public transit services and cities in the future.