Learn with Google AI: Free Crash Course on Machine Learning by Google

Machine learning is a branch in computer science that allows a system to be able to perform tasks seamlessly without being specifically programmed to perform that task. In essence, this allows the machine to learn and perform tasks at an improved rate than it did before without the use of any additional data. It involves the understanding of pattern recognition alongside artificial intelligence and computational learning theory.

This is where the machine uses or creates an array of algorithms which makes predictions on the data that was given to the machine in tasks such as email filtering, detection of network and optical character recognition (OCR). In a field, as rapidly growing as this, an understanding on the dynamics are at an all time high. Hence, the developers at Google are creating a free crash course on Machine Learning.

More than 18,000 Google engineers have already taken the same course and this is the first time it’s been made available to the general public. It’s part of the company’s ‘Learn With Google AI’ initiative.

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Effective machine learning is difficult to have a grasp on as the art of finding patterns becomes problematic and hence the program does not deliver. This is why Google have launched their crash course in Machine learning which uses TensorFlow APIs.

Google has provided a quick and practical introduction to machine learning that covers the essential concepts in a rapid manner. It is a self-study guide which includes a series of video lectures which also features practical case studies and hands-on practice as well.

The entire 15-hour course consists of 40+ exercises, 25 lessons from Google’s own researches and programmers. They have insured that the course is interactive, and they have accomplished that with a multitude of interactive visuals if algorithms that are deployed in machine learning.

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As with most complex courses, the crash course on machine learning does have its fair share of prerequisites.  This course requires a thorough understanding on intro-level algebra and proficiency in programming basics in the language of Python. This is because the exercises using TensorFlow will be coded in Python. Other skills needed includes an understanding on trigonometry, statistics, calculus, basic and intermediate python which also includes its use of library files.

The class is available in English, French, Korean, Mandarin, and Spanish.

The course will allow the user to understand the basic difference between programming and machine learning and they will leave this 15-hour course by having a thorough understanding on the basics of machine learning. They will know how to apply these tools and will also visit Learn with Google AI to explore their full library of resources.