Genesys Recognizes First MicroFinance Bank In Success Story


The First MicroFinance Bank Limited Pakistan (FMFB-P) is bank that bridges the social and economic divide within the country. Recently, the Microfinance bank has been mentioned by Genesys, a customer experience provider as one of the success stories from Pakistan.

According to the report by Genesys, the First Microfinance Bank has played a major role in the community when it comes to comes to helping combat poverty, contributing to the social and economic well being through outreach programs. They have been successful when it comes to closing the wide economic divide especially in Northern Pakistan with a market capitalization of US $230 million.

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Syed Ali Abbas Kazmi, Unit Head of Digital and Financial Inclusion at FMFB-P speaking about the challenges in the report states that,

“It was getting harder to complete core tasks like generating PIN numbers and activating cards. We were also missing customer interactions across channels, hindering productivity and decision making.”

Some of the challenges that the bank faced was helping customers secure a better future and improving service quality and process efficiency.

However, FMFB-P states that switching to the Genesys PureEngage contact center platform helped the bank get back on track and take their customer experience into the digital era. The solutions introduced were: Inbound, Outbound, Digital, Self-Service, Automation, and System Integrations and was successfully carried out by Genesys partner C-Square Consulting.

As a result, the microfinance bank saw 45% rise in chat interactions; over 400,000 likes on social media; a 33% drop in average handle time; over 90% in net promoter score; and about 40,000 new cards issued.

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