GBG Peshawar Hosts BizFest 2018 at NIC Peshawar


BizFest is a technology and business conference supported by Google Inc. The conference aims to bring together industry experts and entrepreneurs from around the country. BizFest Peshawar was held on the 15th of December, organized by Impact Dynamics in collaboration with the National Incubation Center (NIC) Peshawar.

Bizfest 2018 Peshawar is to consist of panel discussions about trends in the tech industry and entrepreneurship in today’s world. The conference hosted a series of workshops where participants received hands-on opportunity to listen to leading individuals in the industry, who addressed various topics, ranging from Google’s suite of tools of online marketing to growth hacking in modern organizations.

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Furthermore, at the BizFest 2018 Peshawar participants were taught how to use these tools to their business’ welfare and tips on how to increase the utility gained from these tools. At the conference, startups also had the chance to get themselves enlisted in Google’s business “directory” through which customers would be able to find the business conveniently.

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Another advantage the startups received at the BizFest is that their websites would gain more chances of appearing on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), which would effectively mean that their website would get Search Engine Optimized automatically.

The mentors and Speakers at the BizFest 2018 Peshawar include Raza Matin, Marketing and Business Consultant Google; Murtaza Zaidi, Director of NIC Peshawar; Shahbaz Khan, Managing Director of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board (KPITB); Maryam Arshad, Founder and Director of Impact Dynamics and also the lead at GBG Peshawar; and Faiza Yousuf, the Founder of Women in Tech Pakistan.

Coming up next weekend, is the GBG BizFest Lahore edition, and we at PC World will bring you all the coverage for the event as Media Partners… so stay tuned!

Image source: BizFest Peshawar