Finance Ministry Reviews IT Industry Tax Proposals


At a high level meeting set to discuss the tax proposals submitted by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications, the advisor to the Prime Minister for Finance Dr. Miftah Ismail has said that annual budget related proposals for IT & telecommunications sectors will be given due consideration as these are very important sectors of the economy.

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The meeting was chaired by Dr. Miftah Ismail and saw the attendance of Ministers of State for Finance as well as IT&T, the Federal Secretaries of the two Divisions, Chairman FBR, Acting Chairman PTA and other officials of Ministry of Finance, Ministry of IT&T and PTA representatives.

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Furthermore, it was noted that while the telecom sector has shown impressive growth in the past few years, the IT Sector had also started to pick up and efforts should be made to further improve the growth rate. At the meeting it was decided that further deliberation would be done by FBR & MoIT to finalize the appropriate tax proposals with a view to give a boost of these important sectors.